Pink Flamingo Puppets

I LOOOOVE a good puppet show!  I am a bit old school in that I like the traditional set up.  I have found that finding a great puppet show is a lot harder than one would imagine.  The shows I have had in the past I haven’t been impressed by.  Another problem I’ve come across is that great puppet shows are so expensive so a lot are not even a possibility.

I asked around to local librarians to see if there were any good puppet shows they would recommend.  Because of their input I found Diane of Pink Flamingo Puppets.  She is a retired librarian who now puts on puppet shows.


After the show she took the time to take the kids around to the back of her puppet theatre and explain how the puppets work and how she puts on her show.

IMG_8746 copy

Her show was exactly what I was looking for.  Classic, adorable, funny, entertaining!  I can’t wait to have her back again.

If you are in New Jersey and looking for a great puppet show you can find out more about Diane at:


Touch the Music

This summer we were lucky enough to have Touch the Music come in and do a “marching band” class with us.  The instructor was fantastic! She said her goal when she created this class was to allow children and parents to interact with band instruments before they needed to pick an instrument to learn in school.  She stressed the importance of a parent getting to see how their children use various instruments to help guide their decision. She started the class with a great story about music and instruments to get the class started. After the story they all marched around in their imaginary marching band!

Then we spent time really learning about the different instruments: percussion, brass & woodwind.  Claudia was such a fantastic instructor and really took time with the kids and she taught them more about each section.


Then came the crazy part of the class, getting to try out all the instruments! Even though it was loud and chaotic, the kids had a BLAST!


The parents, kids and staff loved the program so much we have booked her for a Nutcracker program she offers in December.

I highly recommend Claudia at Touch The Music! If you are in the New Jersey area you can find out more about her at:


The Magic of David Corsaro

Summer reading has kicked off with a bang!!! The busy season has officially started so buckle up.  Every summer I book a magic show for the kids.  It’s one of my favorite programs to have and the kids are absolutely fascinated by it.  I think I have booked a different magician every year.  A good magician is hard to come by! I’ve had performers that talk way too much and do very little tricks.  Some that dumb down the magic for the kids.  I’ve had one magician get political on me! No thank you!

This year I went to a community website and found that David Corsaro is a local magician who came highly recommended so we gave him out a try this year.


FINALLY A GOOD MAGICIAN!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to find him! He was engaging, funny, so good with the audience.  Start to finish he was fantastic! He had the crowd roaring the entire time!  We had over 100 people attend and 1 parent said, “that is the best show I’ve seen! He needs to go on America’s Got Talent.”

In addition to magic shows he does magic lessons for kids and adults and a murder mystery night.  I can’t wait to book more programs with him and see more of his talents!

If you are in the Tri-state area you can find out more about David at:

Theatre at the Library

From time to time we hire performers to come to the library. This is a real gamble most of the time as you are spending a decent amount of money on shows you usually know little about. Bright Star has been reaching out to us for years and I finally took a chance and booked a show.


We decided to have their version of Cinderella, Upcycled Cinderella come perform in place of the normal preschool story time slot. In the show the duo Dustmop & Binny are busy cleaning the library when they happen upon our audience and perform the traditional tale of Cinderella using nothing more than their cleaning supplies and a vivid imagination. The performance encouraged teamwork, friendship & creativity. It was quite possibly the best program I have ever booked out. The students were all engaged and loved the show from start to finish. Upcycled Cinderella was wildly popular and brought over 100 children into our Library.

The program was a huge success because we reached out to 2 of the preschools in our area.  Reaching out to preschools is a great way to stay connected with the community!

For more information on Bright Star Theatre Company, visit their website at: