Art – Starry Night

I host an “art club” once a month for kids who are too old for the preschool type crafts and too young for the DIY type crafts for the teens.  This in between age of about 8-12 is hard to reach at the library but we are really trying to bridge the gap between the tiny tots and the teens.

Years ago I had hired an art teacher to come in and he did an art class on Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  In his class he used oils and pastels to create the picture. But he did tell the kids to focus on the lines of the picture.  That really helped me when I taught this class


The picture has swirls, dashes, dots, squiggles, waves.  When you think of it in terms of lines, it’s not so hard to recreate a similar picture.  What I did for this craft was just cut down some boxes so I had squares of cardboard.  I then covered the squares with tin foil.


I gave every students a small paint with colors from the painting: various shades of blue, white, greens, yellow, black.  I also gave them a stack of q-tips to use as their paint brush.  The q-tips on the silver foil really shows the lines! It’s amazing how fantastic these pictures turned out!


This was a great art project that ANYONE can do and they got a little art history lesson at the same time.  I was nervous about this project – I assumed it would be too hard but it was fantastic!


Election Day!

We held a mock election for the little ones at the library.  Tuesday is our normal story time day so we had a great group of kids come in for that.  I set up 2 tri-fold posters and decorated them with streamers and flags.  Inside the “voting booth” I put a ballot box and rules of what to do

At one point we had a line at the polls.  It was so cute!


After the voted all the kids got a sticker that said they voted! Today was a super cute event and so easy to put together!



Pumpkin Palooza

Last week we held our 2nd annual pumpkin palooza! It was a great event…we had a great turnout both times we have had it.

We buy small pumpkins from a local farmer


Then we put a bunch of non-paint craft supplies on the tables and everyone just goes at it. Last year i did have glow in the dark paint but paint is costly and super messy.  This year was much better! Craft supplies we provided were things like sequence, google eyes, feathers, dot stickers, Halloween stickers, etc.

We will continue on the tradition next year! Its a great program that really brings the community together for a fun project