MBA – Masters in Book Appreciation

Every summer we make a nice booklet for the kids.  The booklets contain all the summer programs we offer, a reading log, some games, etc.  This summer I decided to add an extra challenge.  I created a MBA program – Master in Book Appreciation.  I didn’t CREATE the idea, many librarians use “MBA” as a reading incentive.  I did create the specific reading challenge used for our summer booklet.

My goal for the challenge was to get kids reading various kinds of text, so I created the chart with as many different types of print I could think of.  This was the final product:


The incentive to complete such a hard reading challenge was a very special VIP party we are having.  As the kids finish the challenge, they get a golden ticket from the front desk which is their pass to get into the party.  I had these “golden tickets” printed up at Vista Print


No one was claiming their golden tickets and I was getting really discouraged about the program.  The party is tomorrow and now kids are coming every day to sign up for the VIP party! It’s so exciting to see the kids working around the library trying to mark off the last few categories on their charts.

At the party we will have pizza and snacks, but I wanted to add a little something special.  I went to Michaels and all of their fun summer toys are 70% off so I stocked up! I wrapped each gift for the kids that are signed up for the party.  Kids love to unwrap a gift and they worked so hard for it so I thought it would be special for them!

I highly recommend running a similar challenge if you are a teacher or librarian.  It’s been so fun watching the kids so excited about reading.

Here is the document I created for my MBA program! Feel free to use it!


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