Pink Flamingo Puppets

I LOOOOVE a good puppet show!  I am a bit old school in that I like the traditional set up.  I have found that finding a great puppet show is a lot harder than one would imagine.  The shows I have had in the past I haven’t been impressed by.  Another problem I’ve come across is that great puppet shows are so expensive so a lot are not even a possibility.

I asked around to local librarians to see if there were any good puppet shows they would recommend.  Because of their input I found Diane of Pink Flamingo Puppets.  She is a retired librarian who now puts on puppet shows.


After the show she took the time to take the kids around to the back of her puppet theatre and explain how the puppets work and how she puts on her show.

IMG_8746 copy

Her show was exactly what I was looking for.  Classic, adorable, funny, entertaining!  I can’t wait to have her back again.

If you are in New Jersey and looking for a great puppet show you can find out more about Diane at:


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