Touch the Music

This summer we were lucky enough to have Touch the Music come in and do a “marching band” class with us.  The instructor was fantastic! She said her goal when she created this class was to allow children and parents to interact with band instruments before they needed to pick an instrument to learn in school.  She stressed the importance of a parent getting to see how their children use various instruments to help guide their decision. She started the class with a great story about music and instruments to get the class started. After the story they all marched around in their imaginary marching band!

Then we spent time really learning about the different instruments: percussion, brass & woodwind.  Claudia was such a fantastic instructor and really took time with the kids and she taught them more about each section.


Then came the crazy part of the class, getting to try out all the instruments! Even though it was loud and chaotic, the kids had a BLAST!


The parents, kids and staff loved the program so much we have booked her for a Nutcracker program she offers in December.

I highly recommend Claudia at Touch The Music! If you are in the New Jersey area you can find out more about her at:



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