Tie Dye Party

When I was a teacher I would always tie dye shirts for all my students.  We would all wear them on Friday and it was so cute.  When I became a Children’s Librarian I knew I had to keep this going some how.  In the summer, we amp up our activities and I figured this would be the perfect activity for the kids.  It was so popular my 1st year here that I have made it a summer tradition.  Because of that, I’ve kind of perfected my Tie Dye class!

First: We tie the shirt inside.  I give 2 options..the bullseye tie dye patter or the line pattern.  Kids can follow these ideas or tie their shirt however they want!

When they are done we go outside and dye!  Michaels sells the perfect tie dye kits.  They come in ready to go squirt bottles.


The tie dye can get expensive but Michaels ALWAYS has sales.  Sometimes it’s buy 1 get 1 half off. They also regularly have coupons for 40-50% off any item so I buy a few when the sales are good leading up to the class.

Once the kids are outside dying it can get VERY messy.  Gloves are your friends! 🙂  After they are done dying, we wrap the shirt in cling wrap or put it in a ziplock bag.  I tell the parents to let the dye sit for about 3 days then wash it alone in cold water.

I highly recommend doing this class at your library during the summer! The kids (and parents) LOVE it and they have a fun shirt to wear all summer long.


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