Tail Wagging Tutors

I have long wanted to have therapy dogs come read with early readers at the library.  Therapy dogs provide a nonjudgmental listening ear for children to practice their reading skills.  The key, I’ve found, is finding the right dog.  We were lucky to have Rocco join us at the library.  His parents are both patrons at our library and he has been through all his certification to be a therapy dog. He is the sweetest guy and loves to sit with the children.


Our program has been really popular.  Rocco comes in every Tuesday at 4pm and we have sign ups available every 10 min until 5pm.  The key is to making sure people keep their time commitment because he is so popular and his time is in high demand.  It’s fun watching the older kids read to him and the younger kid love showing him the pictures even though they are too young to read the words.

Tail wagging tutors is a great program to offer in the library! How have you used therapy dogs in the library?


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