Pirates and Princess Party

My assistant Lauren came up with the great idea to host a Pirates and Princess Party at the library.  About once a season we have a huge party for the kids on a Saturday and it’s always a huge hit. This was our spring party.  We knew we wanted Disney Princesses, face painting, games, crafts and food.  As we started looking into the entertainment portion of the party, the Disney Princesses and face painting, it was going to cost us around a $1,000 to outsource these items.  Lauren came up with the idea for us to have our staff run the entire events.  We rented costumes and assigned a Disney Princess to several employees and we also had a couple volunteers offer to do the face painting.  That significantly brought down the over all price of the party.

As people entered the library everyone received this Party Map so they would be sure to hit all the activities we had set up for them all around the library!


Station 1: Games

We had a hook toss game, and walk the plank which was a balance beam the kids got to walk across in the “ocean” (blue table cloth) infested with sharks! We also set out bubbles for the kids to play with outside.


Station 2: Face Painting

This was the hit of the party!

Station3: Food

We had lots of fun snacks for the kids that were pirate and princess themed

Station 4: Prizes

The princess prizes were easy to find but we just got summer themed prizes for the boy’s side.  All items were bought at Five Below or the dollar store

Station 5: Princess Ball

We set up a “dance floor” for the kids to dance on.  The music playing in this area was all from Disney movies

Station 6: Crafts

For crafts the kids made princess hats using plain party hats and ribbon or a pirate hook using red solo cups and tin foil.  Both crafts were easy to run and turned out great!


Station 7: Photo Op

We had some art students from our High School paint this amazing mural for the party.  The guest could use some photo props we got and have their picture taken in front of the mural!

Here are our amazing employees all dressed up as Disney Princess and pirates.  My newborn got in on the fun as well!

Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas on how to run  a Pirates and Princess party at your library or school.  If you have any questions, just ask!!


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