Google Cardboard

Last week I came across a pioneer program called Google Expeditions.  Through the program, a representative from Google comes to a school and leads the class through a virtual reality “field trip” using Google Cardboard head sets.  I looked more into the Google Expeditions program and found that, sadly, it is not offered in this area.  Here is the site to see if the program could be offered in your area!

The Expeditions program got me thinking of how we could try to offer something similar on our own so I ordered a Google Cardboard head set to try it out and see how we could use this fun technology in the library.  The headset is found on Amazon and is very affordable.


The kit comes as a flat piece of cardboard and is very easily assembled.  To use the headset you have to first download apps.  I quickly found some for free in the app store.

We currently have some high school seniors doing a service project at the library so I had them test out the headset.  Our Circulation Supervisor Kim had to get in on the fun as well.  The apps we used today were RollerCoaster and Cooltour.

While the boys commented the graphics were not that great, over all the Google Cardboard headset was a HUGE hit.  I personally loved the Cooltour app which lets you virtually explore 8 different locations in Europe.  It was my favorite  because it was a real life virtual experience where as the other apps where all graphics.  One major downside to Google Cardboard is it is a virtual reality experience and it does cause some motion sickness, especially if you are sensitive to that.

Now the next step will be to figure out exactly how to use this technology and plan an event around it.

Have you used Google Cardboard in your library? What fun things have you done with it?


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