Theatre at the Library

From time to time we hire performers to come to the library. This is a real gamble most of the time as you are spending a decent amount of money on shows you usually know little about. Bright Star has been reaching out to us for years and I finally took a chance and booked a show.


We decided to have their version of Cinderella, Upcycled Cinderella come perform in place of the normal preschool story time slot. In the show the duo Dustmop & Binny are busy cleaning the library when they happen upon our audience and perform the traditional tale of Cinderella using nothing more than their cleaning supplies and a vivid imagination. The performance encouraged teamwork, friendship & creativity. It was quite possibly the best program I have ever booked out. The students were all engaged and loved the show from start to finish. Upcycled Cinderella was wildly popular and brought over 100 children into our Library.

The program was a huge success because we reached out to 2 of the preschools in our area.  Reaching out to preschools is a great way to stay connected with the community!

For more information on Bright Star Theatre Company, visit their website at:


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